About Our Classes

Our CCW classes are friendly  and relaxed.  Further we give special attention to beginners.  Our instructors give an introduction to situational awareness, handguns, shooting and firearms safety.  Above all, we focus on the responsibility of legally carrying a concealed handgun.

This class exceeds the requirements for the Kentucky, Ohio and and Florida CCW Permit.

Topics Covered


Firearm Safety
Safe Storage at Home
Safely Carrying Your Handgun
Shooting Basics
Types of Handguns
Types of Ammunition
Range Safety
Maintenance and Cleaning
Awareness and Mindset
Interacting with Police
How to Apply for Your License

…and Much More

What to Expect

We have small class sizes.  This is ideal for beginners and allows us to focus on each student.  This class does sell out.  Your registration and deposit ensures you will have a place in the class.  In addition to live fire training, we provide a laser range.  So, students can have one-on-one, hands-on training in a completely safe environment.  

Finally, This class includes a written test and live fire. This class is 8 hours or as needed.  Provided you have paid the deposit, you will receive a training certificate at the end of the day.  If you do not own a handgun, you may borrow one of ours.

If you have any questions, call us at 859-795-2323

What are people saying about our CCW Courses?

Real words from real students!
  • If your[sic] considering a concealed carry class I can’t recommend Not Today enough. Good guys and great class.
  • You were clear and certainly knowledgeable on all of the material. Were able to explain it and answer all questions so even this old lady could understand. Thank you and Sam and Rick.
  • Liked the One on One attention/help. Explaining each segment completely.Very relaxing atmosphere. Very friendly and knowledgeable instructors.
  • Excellent class , Loved it ! Instructors were great, our class had people new to handguns all the way to competition shooters !
  • very interactive discussion, and it was a comfortable environment where the participants didnt have to worry about asking a silly or dumb question.
  • The entire class was interesting, and informative. Thank you for your time and professionalism.
  • Kept class moving, were open to questions, it was a great class.
  • I thought you did a very good job of evaluating your audience, and speaking to/with them on their level.
  • Answered questions fully and attentively, ensured each student understood fully before moving on, covered enough material questions were few.
  • Demonstrations, content and overall content was great.


Give the Gift of Safety

Purchase One of our Class Gift Card and lock in low prices.  The cards are good for our Kentucky and Ohio Concealed Carry Course

Not Today Firearm Training


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